What Ukraine Needs ASAPTO WIN THE WAR

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

"We are asking the whole world to unite and help us fight this cruel aggression.

#ArmUkraineNow & #MLRSForUkraine, so that we can defeat this evil together."



Why does Ukraine need help at all? If you look at news and Twitter threads - Ukrainians are winning. It seems like they’re doing fine on their own.

It’s true, if you look at the map, it would appear that Ukraine is winning because it’s recapturing its territory. However, this is partially the result of a strategy Russia has now abandoned. Russia initially believed that it could win the war within several days, and as a result put little effort into logistics or preparing its reserves.

Russia has learned from its mistakes. Its armed forces are abandoning their initial goal of seizing Ukraine’s capital, instead focusing their efforts on the south-eastern part of Ukraine. Furthermore, instead of rushing into battle, Russian forces now rely on heavy artillery to bombard Ukrainian positions for as long as needed before advancing to capture destroyed towns and villages. Thus, their casualty rates have decreased dramatically, while Ukrainian losses have increased.

Moreover, the Ukrainian army has already mobilized all of its reserves and is currently at maximum strength. Meanwhile Russia has been bloodied but retains the majority of its massive army. Russia is able to replenish their losses, whereas Ukraine cannot. This is why aid to Ukraine is a matter of urgency, before Russia can regroup and bring in more troops.

Why Does Ukraine Need MLRS? Why Do They Need It ASAP?

Despite the military aid that the west is providing to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, there is one particular weapon that could literally change the course of this war. And that is - Multiple Rocket Launch Systems (MLRS)?

Why? What is so special about MLRS?

MLRS (in US’s case those would me M270 or M142 Himars) are a precision rocket artillery that can destroy targets dozens of miles away. Far behind enemy lines. Ukrainians desperately need those in order to destroy fuel depots, weapons and munition warehouses, clusters of russian equipment or other High-Value Targets.

Without these weapons, the Russians will be able to constantly reinforce their positions and keep the pressure and ramp up casualties on the Ukrainian side.

On the other hand - providing Ukrainians with MLRS will a) completely stall the russian advance and b) will finally allow Ukrainian to start offensive operations.

Why Does Ukraine Need Artillery?

Artillery is the “bread and butter” of war. Ukraine’s “main” artillery calibers are 122 and 152 mm. The problem with 152 mm is that Ukraine DOES NOT produce ammo of this type (all it has is the legacy from the Soviet war machine). Thus, even though Ukraine has 152 mm cannons, it is quickly running out of ammo. Given the intensity of the conflict, it won’t be long before Ukraine doesn’t have any 152 mm ammo left. If that happens, Ukrainian forces won’t be able to shoot back, and Russian artillery will overwhelm them.

Ukraine would also greatly benefit from NATO’s modern 155 mm artillery, such as the M109 Howitzer. Both 152 mm and 155 mm are considered “heavy artillery” and are the main damage dealers on the battlefield.

The same goes for Multiple Rocket Launch Systems (MLRS for short). Ukraine uses old soviet MLRSs like Grad, Smerch and Tornado, and is currently lacking both MRLS units and ammo.

Artillery will play a major role in breaking through Russian lines by enabling Ukraine to strike critical military facilities such as command centers, ammo storage, and fuel depots. Additionally now that Russian troops are focusing on fortifying seized territory, more artillery will be necessary to dislodge them.

Why Does Ukraine Need Tanks and Armored Vehicles?

Tanks are the “iron fist” of any push. Ukraine is lacking heavy armor - both Tanks and APCs.

Any assault on heavily defended areas without tanks and APCs is a suicide. Precisely for that reason, Ukraine is not able to launch an attack towards Mariupol in the southeastern part of Ukraine, despite it being under siege for over a month now. Ukraine desperately needs hundreds of tanks and APCs to deal a serious blow to the russian forces that will drive them away for good!

Why Does Ukraine Need Combat Aircraft?

1. Fighters are needed to establish air superiority, protect critical infrastructure and ground troops, prevent hostile bombing attacks, intercept cruise missiles, counter enemy's airborne operations and to escort friendly attack aircraft.

2. Ground attack aircraft and fighter-bombers are intended to engage enemy's ground objects, concentrations of troops and vehicles and provide close air support to friendly ground units.

3. Attack helicopters are designated to provide close air support to ground troops at the front edge of the battle area, engage hostile vehicles and personnel, escort utility helicopters carrying personnel and supplies or conducting medevac and to support infiltration of special operations teams.

Why Does Ukraine Need Anti-Aircraft Systems?

Russia’s air force is enormous, over ten times as large as Ukrainian air force. Without sufficient anti-aircraft systems, Russia will have free reign to destroy everything - artillery, command posts, tanks and entire Ukrainian cities. That is precisely why at the beginning of the invasion Russia was trying hard to achieve air dominance. If they succeed, it will just be a matter of time until Russia wins the war.

Moreover, anti-aircraft systems are responsible for protecting Ukraine from cruise missiles, which Russia has in huge quantities and has been using with complete disregard for civilians.

What about Western weapon systems (artillery, MLRS, tanks, APCs)? They are different from the Soviet ones, yet the Ukrainian Army still wants them. Will it be able to use Western weaponry?

Actually, yes. Soviet weapons are simple, Western weapons are more advanced. The closest analogy would be trading an old pick-up truck for an expensive modern sedan. Would you be able to use it? Sure. It may feel a bit weird at first, but in essence “driving is still driving”. It’s similar to Western weapon systems. It will take some practice to get used to, sure - but tanks are tanks essentially - “aim and shoot”. The Ukrainian army WILL be able to use western weapon systems. This is just a matter of time.

There have been rumors that due to corruption in Ukraine, not all weapons make it to the front line. Is it true?

No and there are several points that prove that:

  • Ukraine is fighting hard for its independence against an opponent that has greater firepower. Against all odds, Ukrainian forces have managed to push russian army away from Kyiv, Chernigiv and Sumy. This would simply be impossible if there would have been widespread corruption amongst the military.
  • Russian forces have sustained huge losses since 24th of February. According to the Ukrainian forces, russian army has lost more than 22 000 men, 918 tanks, 2308 APCs, 416 artillery pieces, 184 planes and much more. This is just in 60 days! Ukrainian army has destroyed more military equipment than most European countries have “in total”. Clearly that would have been impossible if there would have been widespread corruption.
  • Last but not least - Ukraine is helped by dozens of countries all over the world - not a single one has officially stated their concerns.

On the other hand - russian propaganda would definitely like ukrainian allies to believe that Ukraine is somehow misusing military aid from their allies (which is ridiculous). In fact - the whole world now knows that it is russian military that is incredibly corrupt. Do not fall under the influence of russian propaganda.

What else is needed apart from the list mentioned above?

To win the war with Russia, Ukraine needs more than just weapons (although they are certainly to crush the Russian military). Unfortunately, the war is destroying the Ukrainian economy, the Russian army is purposefully destroying factories, fuel storage facilities, transport infrastructure, hospitals and schools, granaries, etc. Fierce fighting continues in the regions where Ukrainian industry has been concentrated. Due to that fact, we have to acknowledge that Ukraine will not be able to produce enough military equipment on its own.

During WWII Lend-Lease Act helped defeat Hitler, and US allies received strong support from the American people. Today, Putin is acting in many ways, just like Hitler, destroying cities and organizing acts of genocide. A flexible mechanism is needed to respond quickly to Ukrainian needs and stop this evil. Ukraine will need some kind of a Lend-Lease Act in order to defeat such a powerful enemy.

Why should the West help Ukraine now?

Because Russia is not planning on stopping in Ukraine. It never did. Either the West will help Ukraine stop Putin now, or Putin will continue expanding his Russian Empire, killing thousands of women and children in the process.

  1. Russia’s ambassador in Bosnia and Herzegovina has stated recently: “If Bosnia and Herzegovina become a NATO member - we will react to the threat. Ukraine is an example of that.” ( https://www.unian.net/world/rossiya-ugrozhaet-bosnii-povtoreniem-ukrainskogo-scenariya-novosti-mira-11747557.html )
  2. Again, Russian MFA saying “it will react” if Sweden and Finland will join NATO ( https://nv.ua/world/geopolitics/rossiya-ugrozhaet-shvecii-i-finlyandii-esli-oni-vstupyat-v-nato-poslednie-novosti-50220079.html )
  3. Russian national television, explaining in detail how Russia woold invade the Baltic states


We are a group of Ukrainian patriots (volunteers, entrepreneurs, and military experts).

We would like to convey the actual situation of what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.

So that the US public knows exactly what challenges Ukrainian troops face and what they need to succeed against the Russian invaders.

Ben Hodges
The Former Commanding General of The U.S. Army in Europe

What the Ukrainians need desperately are long-range fires, rockets, artillery, drones that can disrupt or destroy the systems that are causing so much damage in Ukrainian cities, and which will also play a critical role in this next phase, if and when it begins…” Hodges said

Wesley K. Clark
Former NATO Supreme Allied Supreme Commander
Former NATO Supreme Allied Supreme Commander Gen. Wesley Clark explains what Ukrainian forces need: "They need 500 tanks, couple thousand tubes of artillery and rockets. They need hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunitition... Poland, Romania, Slovakia - they have that. We haven't actually told them to release it yet. We've got to get that moving if we're gonna to break this system right here..."
Andrzej Duda
President of the Republic of Poland
James "Spider" Marks
Major General (Retired), Military Analyst for CNN
Anton Gerashchenko
Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

“Both Ms. Spartz and Mr. Daines said they supported bipartisan efforts in Congress to spur the Biden administration to deliver weapons to the Ukrainian Army more swiftly.”

“I think we should be providing the lethal aid that they need to win this war,” Mr. Daines said. “The humanitarian crisis will not end until the war ends. And the war will not end until the Ukrainians win.”

Oleksii Reznikov
Minister of Defense of Ukraine
Oleksandra Matviichuk
Head of the Center for Civil Liberties / Democracy Defender Award of OSCE 2016
Kira Rudik
Member of Ukrainian Parliament
Dmytro Kuleba
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Oleksiy Goncharenko
Member of Ukrainian delegation in Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Mykhailo Fedorov
Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
Michael Kofman
Director, Russia Studies at CNA
Anders Åslund
Economist and Former Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council
Illia Ponomarenko
Defense reporter with The Kyiv Independent.
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